Alec - Senior Photos

Senior Photos July 26th

I had the opportunity to shoot some senior photos this weekend while in Milwaukee. We fought the heat and the mosquitoes - and came out alright! Thanks to Stonewood Village for allowing us to shoot at their unique and beautiful location. Also big thanks to Black Dog Studios for being alright with another photographer running around their yard! Here's a sneak peak at a few of my favorite shots:

Eric and Chelseasss

Wedding Photos July 26th

My brother's wedding.  Should I shoot shoot the photos?  Or be a groomsman?  How about both?  That's what this weekend was all about and it was a blast!!  Check out the slideshow and photos below. Con

Cody and Rachel Wedding

Wedding Photos August 1st

So in college I was an RA. And one of my guys in the Z-House was named Cody. Now he's graduated and married. Amazing! Anyway the wedding was a ton of fun and I was honored to capture it!

Chris and Kayla Wedding

Wedding Photos July 26th

Ever heard of a midnight wedding? Neither had I - until this weekend! Chris and Kayla tied the knot at the stroke of 12. Thanks for letting me in on your special, you two! ** Note ** These images were sized for my old blog...sorry they're small!