Portraits for The Doctors of Chiropractic

Sports Photos March 24th

It's not often that the people I have the privledge of photographing maintain perfect posture. Megan and Jean are the exception - and they happen to own The Doctors of Chiropractic in Minnetonka. They're in need of some images for promotional purposes, and here are a few of the highlights from today!

Wesley at 9 Months

Sports Photos March 23rd

I need to take more photos of our baby. He won't be one for long!

Head Shots for Social Media Profile Pics

Headshots March 19th

Social media isn't just for recreation. Its serious business. And having an appropriate profile image is key to making a good virtual first impression. So not a business portrait exactly, but something other than a late-night cell phone shot from a bar. These erred on the side of traditional portaits, but I like them anyway. Check 'em out!

Kids in the Hot Seat!

Family Photos February 17th

It was almost nice enough to go outside for this session today! But we stayed indoors and these guys were great - as in not too many tears (i.e. last photo). But we got the smiles we needed and maybe even some snacks to boot!