Family Photos

Family Photos – Elm Creek Park – Maple Grove, MN

The Ostendorfs took advantage of the last bit of fall color! Elm Creek Park never disappoints. This is the third year I have had the opportunity to do family photos with this great family. If you want to see some year-over-year height changes, check out 2014 photos and 2013 photos. What a good looking family!

Family Photos – Crystal, MN

Backyard photos in the summer are the best!

Champlin Family Photography – Elm Creek Park

I always enjoy shooting annual family photos. Time goes by so quickly and the little ones grow so much in a year!

Maple Grove Family Photos – Elm Creek Park

We had some serious photo fun at Elm Creek Park Reserve in Maple Grove! A little rain - but lots of fun! The photos turned out great. Check 'em out!

Family Portraits – Maple Grove, MN

I had the privilege of taking some family photos in Maple Grove! Fish Lake in the evening is a beautiful setting - and we had lots of fun. Check it out!  

Crystal, MN Family Photos

Photography and children go together pretty well. So when I became a father, one of the responsibilities on my list is to provide good photos for the family photo albums. I haven't always done a great job of keeping up - but thought I'd share a few fun ones we've taken lately.

Lake of the Isles Family Photos – The Aguilars

Perfect September morning - starting with Isles Buns and Coffee and ending with some fun family photos. You have a beautiful family, Aguilars!

Wesley at 9 Months

I need to take more photos of our baby. He won't be one for long!

Kids in the Hot Seat!

It was almost nice enough to go outside for this session today! But we stayed indoors and these guys were great - as in not too many tears (i.e. last photo). But we got the smiles we needed and maybe even some snacks to boot!