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The dress. The first meeting. The kiss. These priceless moments don’t last long. Timothy Austin Photography continues to impress brides with a unique level of professionalism, elegance, and creativity.

Wedding photography for me is something in-between a hobby and career. I enjoy shooting weddings during the summer, but I don’t rely on it for my primary source of income. My day job involves a lot of video production and editing. Funny that now I can use the same cameras for both jobs! I tell people that if I had to do either corporate video or wedding photography week in and week out – I would go crazy. The variety breaks it up just enough for me that I continue to enjoy both.

Over the last six years, I estimate I’ve shot around 70 weddings in the Minneapolis St. Paul area. 50 of them were as a second shooter. Being an assistant for awhile has been an excellent experience in that I focus on details, angles, and creative composition perhaps more than if I had started right in as a lead photographer.

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